EXIT – teori


Thinking in english gives me a vision of an emergency door. Thinking in polish opens a much wider area of possibilities. It is not about being limited by language. It is about knowledge and experiences that I was receiving mostly in polish. But lets get back to the subject. Exit means much more then ”door”. (It is funny sometimes what kind of things and words stick to you from your childhood).

The Exodus: Exodus is the name of the second book of the Hebrew and the Christian Bible, the one that tells ”how the children of Israel leave slavery in Egypt through the strength of Yahweh” (Wikipedia). The ultimate exit. Exodus can be a more personal journey. For me was moving to Sweden en exodus, imagine that 🙂

Labyrinth: The Shinning is a hell of a movie but till I saw it second time there was only 2 or 3 flashbacks of it in my memory. The axe scene, the bloody walls scene and the labyrinth scene. The last one was hunting me for many years. Labyrinths are fascinating as much as they are scary. Finding the exit is tricky if there is one of course. You don’t believe me what either this movie or ”The labyrinth” with David Bowie.

Death: as in a matter of suicide I can understand if people see death as a the only way out. There is so much going on and dealing with all that can break even the strongest spirit. You are lost in a labyrinth and you take a tool and create your own door. But this way out takes you out from ”the game”. Death, the natural one even if caused by sickness is more like fallowing a path. Fighting against cancer is going agains the current and God know how I wish every cancer patient would manage to do that and win.

to be continued…



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